Svarta Oliver (Urkärnade)

Svarta Oliver (Urkärnade)
Svarta Oliver (Urkärnade)
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Black olives with kernel Great for meat, cheese, but especially for snacks before meals. Mainly known as Amfissa, this PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) conservolia variety is produced from several regions in central Greece. With a large and round shape, these olives are naturally mature on the tree and thus have 100% authentic black color. These natural black olives are packed in a salt solution with sea salt, vinegar, water and extra virgin olive oil. Black olives   Why do most black olives that are in the grocery store taste so sad? The answer is simple. There are no real black olives without greens that are chemically stripped of their taste and then colored black. That these low-quality olives have as uniform blackness as if they were stained with shoots, should not this have caused us to react? First, olives grow green and afterwards, if they stay on the tree for a long time, they change beautifully in different dark shades. There are no olives that are evenly black, but in the cheat industry there is no time to let the olives mature but pick them up while they are still green and untouched. First they are put in a bath with a lute. Then they are acid-treated, which changes the color. At the next stage, iron gluconate is used to stabilize the sword. After the pasteurization it is only packing them on cans that can then be sold to no disadvantaged consumers.   When you buy olives from us, hand picked olives are from Greece, 100% natural ripe on the trees and without additives, hence the blue color.   The choice is simple - buy your olives at


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